You Are A Masterpiece

You Are A Masterpiece

Every part of you is F.L.Y. when you First Love You. You need to see that you're a work of art...a masterpiece.

The theft in the night is spotted by conscious eyes.  Watching an enemies revolution being televised, as they’ve stolen the masters pieces, your energy, “inner-genius”…attempting to put the puzzle back together like the number 11's a reflection of the number 1...identical but not quite the same.

There’s 2 people on this planet; Creators and copiers, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. We tend to get stuck in this 10% finite thinking unknowing that we're the masterpiece in control to unleash the other 90.

An Originel Masterpiece should never die a carbon copy.


Take back your "energy," the "inner-g"enius - "in-ur-genes" and realize with real eyes, past the reel eyes...


that you are A Masterpiece...©